A long time ago I started 3D printing, and I still do.
But since then I had all my ".stl" files stuffed into on folder on my Harddrive.
And when I wanted to print some old files, I had to search through everything and open up each file to see if it is the correct one. Windows 7/10 doesn´t have a ".stl" preview.
I searched a long time, to find some type of program, which is a file explorer with a ".stl" preview. But never found one
So I made my own.


  • Hybrid programm, written in C# with a HelixToolkit Viewport3D
  • You can Pan/Zoom/Rotate in the 3D View
  • RAM usage Monitor
  • File properties listview

The programm is still in early BETA stadium, but fully functional.

Known Bugs:

  • Not a bug per se, but the initial loaded directory is still hardcoded[1].
  • If you load up a file and click somewhere in the hierarchy the programm will crash.
  • The Window is not resizeable, because im lazy.
  • Loaded models won´t show always in the middel of the Viewport.
  • Programm will hang if you load a huge file, because everything is handled in the GUI Thread.
  • There is somewhere a Memory Leak did not found it yet.
  • Programm startup might take a while, depending of the files inside the inital directory, because everything is loaded at once.[2]

  1. e.g Z:\Stuff.. ↩︎

  2. So much error handling left to do :( ↩︎