I don`t have the time and patience to delete all the unwanted pixels by myself.

That´s all what it took for me to start programming this nifty little helper.
May I present you: SpriteSaver

It´s sole purpose is to delete all the unwanted color from you Sprites.
It may be only in Beta stage, but it works... kind of.
Let me guide you to a bug free pass:

  1. Drag&Drop your Image to the canvas, or load it via the [...] Button.
  2. Drag your red little Rectangle to the desired position, you can change its size via the sliders.
  3. Pick a Color [F6]
  4. Set your Color [F7]
  5. Delete Color [F8] is implemented in
  6. And the last step is to save your modified .png to your local drive.

I know, SpriteSaver is really buggy, if you dont follow along, but it gets the job done. Let me tell you about some bugs:

Known Bugs:

  • If you drag the rectangle while the canvas is empty, SpriteSaver will crash.

  • If you try to change the [Rectangle Color - W.I.P], SpriteSaver will crash.

  • If you change the [Picture Mode] to anything else than "Normal", SpriteSaver won´t display the Preview correctly.[1]

  • If you Drag&Drop antything else than .png files to your canvas, SpriteSaver "might" crash.

  • SpriteSaver will need .NET Framework 3.5 get it here.

  1. just some math error, will fix it, sometimes ↩︎