Do you know the struggle?
Seeing the perfect color and your go-to way is to take a screencap and open up your Imageviewer to get the RGB values? Then maybe CarbonCommander is your new friend.
With this little program you can hover your cursor over the desired color and with a quick press on your [F8] key you get the RGB values. Nothing more and nothing less.
If you are interested, head over here and get your download now.

Known Bugs:

  • Not really a bug but it 'might' drop your framerate by 1-5 FPS on the Desktop.
  • If you have a DirectX/Vulkan game open and CarbonCommander running simultaneously your framerate will be capped @ 30FPS, at least for me it is..

CarbonCommander will need .NET Framework 3.5 get it here.